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Lash Extensions Removal Kit

Remove eyelash extensions at home without destroying your natural lashes. 

Removal kit includes:

1 eyelash extension glue remover cream

2 pairs of eye patches 

2 spoolies 

2 tiny q-tips

4 q-tips 


1. Separate bottom lashes from lash extensions

2. Apply removal cream on eyelash extensions using any q-tip. Cream is strawberry scented. DO NOT DOUBLE DIP. Use a clean q-tip every time. Make sure to apply directly on the lash line and let it sit for 10 minutes. KEEP EYE CLOSED AT ALL TIMES. DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYE WHILE CREAM IS SETTING. IF ANY PRODUCT GETS IN YOUR EYE RINSE IMMEDIATELY. 

3. Use spoolie to brush out eyelash extensions and they will come off quickly. You can also use your personal tweezers to slide them off. If there’s any stubborn extensions that do not want to come off, repeat step 2.

4. Once all eyelash extension have been removed and any left over glue residue, use a wipe/Kleenex to wipe off removal cream excess. KEEP YOUR EYE CLOSED. *Any product that goes in your eyes will make your eye burn. If product goes in your eye, rinse off immediately* 

5. Rinse lashes and rub your eyes at last! 


Unopened product can last up to 1 year. But when the bottle is opened, it can last up to 6 months if stored in the right conditions.