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Lash Bonder

What is Lash Bonder and why do you need it? 

• Speed up the adhesive dry time after the completion of a Full Set of lashes OR Lash Fill
• Seals adhesive instantly, ensuring no strong fumes will irritate and cause tearing to client eyes 
• Seals the adhesive bond between the natural lash and lash extension for maximum retention 
• Works with any adhesive 

How To Use:
• Wait 2-3 minutes after lashing 
• Use a micro-tip wand 
• Using the dropper, drip one drop of bonder and saturate the tip
• Apply bonder to the base of the lash extensions where the adhesive is attached to the natural lash 
• The bonder will instantly seal the adhesive for maximum retention 
• Proceed with a fan to completely dry the bonder before clients open their eyes. No rinsing/ removal necessary. Good for a year once opened